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Friday, May 5, 2017

Pull My Finger

It's been a crazy couple of weeks at my "real" job so I haven't had time to write a proper post (hopefully this weekend - cross your fingers!)

But, to appease you until then, here is a photo of my Grann relatives.
Back Row: Carl (Sr.) Grann, Otto Johnson, August "Augie" Grann, Dagmar (Kallander) Grann, Eunice (Hunt) Grann, Betty Grann, Walter "Walt" Grann
Front Row: Carl H. Grann, Axel Grann, Myrna (Grann?), Ted Grann, Dorothy (Walden) Grann, Marie (Grann) Johnson

Wonderful family photo and then you see this:
"Pull my finger!"
This answers a lot of questions about my family right here.

Also, I'm not sure who Myrna is, but I'm kinda feeling bad for her right now:
"Why do I get stuck next to the 'farting' guy?"

The 'farting guy' having his finger pulled is my great-grandfather, Axel (married to Eunice in the top row of the photo).  I am amused by this little snapshot of my family, and apparently the fact that we've been a humorous bunch for a while now.

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