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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Colorful Ancestry

I figured I'd join the genealogy bandwagon and do my color chart based on states/countries that my ancestors came from for the last 5 generations.

It is a pretty neat way to visualize this information and see where those patterns are and how families have moved.

I also have my big question marks because my paternal great-grandfather was adopted.  We are pretty sure he was born in OH, but I should probably put a question mark there as well.

Five Generation Chart - Birth States

I also then created a chart based on Counties to see how much things changed.  I actually expected more change than I saw, which surprised me.  I know if I expanded out a few generations that would certainly change.  But this chart is a bit more detailed.

Five Generations - Birth Counties

Where I do see quite a bit of changes is when I changed the chart to show the counties where folks died.

Five Generations - Death Counties

So, these color charts are fun but also give you a quick visual aide with some useful information at a glance.

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