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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jamestown, NY Research Adventure

Over the holidays I had a bittersweet research adventure.  I ended traveling up to Jamestown, NY because my grandmother had become very ill (she ended up passing away a few days later) but while I was up there (after visiting my grandmother) I decided to do some genealogy research since I am rarely up in that area of the country.
Freeman J. Hunt

This is story about how sometimes you *really* have to get off your bum, step away from the electronic searches and go into some of these research places because I would never have found some of this great info if I hadn't decided to go to the Fenton History Center in Jamestown, NY.

The librarian researcher and one of the library volunteers there helped me find some information on
my Hunt family as well as finding that one of my ancestors, Freeman J. Hunt, was a member of Company B in the 72nd NY Volunteer regiment.  At finding that, the librarian got a special glint in her eye and scurried off to the archives and came back with several scrapbooks.

Company B apparently remained very close after the Civil War and they kept photos and newspaper clippings not only from during the war but all of their various reunions after as well as clippings for wedding anniversaries and obituaries for those who were part of the company.  Most of this is not electronically scanned at the moment.  It was amazing looking through the picture albums which had been saved by this group.  I was able to find a photo of my ancestor, which I did not have previously as well as obituaries and details of his civil war service.

It really was so exciting and it was also fun to see the librarian and volunteer at the Fenton History Center so excited about it as well.

So, remember to go out and see if there are local history centers that have genealogical info because you never know what someone, sometime had squirreled away and donated to one of these archives that you will be able to find!
My husband helping me find my 3rd great-grandfather's photo in the scrapbook

Company B, 72nd NY Volunteer Infantry
1st Regimental Flag, 72nd NY Volunteers
1884 Reunion Company B, 72nd NY Volunteers
So a great big shout out of thanks to Barbara at the Fenton History Center library (and her great volunteer - although I don't think I grabbed his name).  If anyone has family research in the Jamestown area - certainly check this place out!
Fenton History Center - 67 Washington Street, Jamestown, NY 14701

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  1. What a fabulous find! I concur about researching where your ancestors lived to find gold nuggets of information. Losing your grandmother is heart wrenching but her memory will live through the stories you write about her.